Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

I hereby accept the performed services and charges as being satisfactory and agree that the labor has been performed and that it is non-refundable. I acknowledge that the technician has demonstrated the appliance to be in good working order and that I have witnessed this to my satisfaction. I acknowledge that I was told a the time of booking that if repairs were not completed I would be charged a service call fee; I understand and agree to pay this fee if I have not had repairs completed by We Fix It Appliances and that this fee is non-refundable.

Liability Of Damage

I acknowledge that the appliance and its surroundings have been left in good condition and have not been damaged in any way by the technician. I understand and agree that We Fix It Appliances is not liable for any damages not noted on this document at the time of the technician’s departure from the premises. U understand and accept that after he leaves the site, the technician or We Fix It Appliances is not accountable for returning to; moving, fixing, replacing, or reinstalling components that are not related to the functionality of the appliance.

Parts Deposits

I acknowledge that the deposit taken by the technician to order parts, and any parts installed, is non-refundable and cannot be re-used.

I understand any parts taken by We Fix IT Appliances are recycled and not retained, hence they cannot be returned.

Repair Diagnosis

I understand, acknowledge, and agree that We Fix It Appliances follows best practices in the appliance repair industry. This means that technicians will proceed with repairs based upon the simplest diagnosis, to begin with, to spare clients unnecessary expenses. I understand however that appliances are complex machines and the issue may be more involved than initially diagnosed, and additional repairs may be required at additional cost.

Warranty Information

We Fix IT Appliances proves a six-month warranty on any mechanical part supplied and replaced by us, and a three-month warranty on electrical parts or labor performed. I understand and accept that all warranty approvals are at the sole discretion of We fix it Appliances and any repairs conducted by a different company or individual will void the warranty.